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in the cold north or dry desert

Le 9 août 2017, 10:05 dans Humeurs 0

I am a blue eyed blond that has fought dry skin my whole life. You can imagine how I feel now that I am going through menopause and living in Wisconsin. Two out of three circumstances is cause for serious action when it comes to skin care.


I have tried many products on the market with limited success. It's hard to know what to buy out there and with all of the advertising available, it's hard to know what to believe. Lucky for me, I am also a certified Aromatherapist so I know the benefits essential oils can have on dry skin. Essential oils are natural extracts of plants and flowers. They are the pure essence in concentrated form of what scent the flower or plant really has. Some of the best oils for the skin are: mandarin, bergamot, lavender, geranium, palmarosa, ylang ylang, sandalwood, myrrh, rose and jasmine. I don't usually use them "neat" or straight from the bottle as they are quite concentrated. I like to take a carrier oil such as almond oil and blend it with several oils for my own signature fragrance. I can also do this with unscented body lotion. You'd be surprised the fantastic fragrance that can come from a couple of drops of this and a few drops of that. If you don't want to follow the crowd use the same fragrance that the whole world has; make your own scent and wear it proudly.


See what people say to you. They will know they haven't smelled anything quite like it because natural essential oils aren't the norm. These scents are used very minutely in the cosmetic industry because they are expensive. It is much less costly for the companies to put out synthetic fragrances and call it good. Read labels carefully because some will claim to have a "natural fragrance of citrus" or whatever and the natural is supposed to suck you in to thinking you are putting natural products on your body so it must be good for your skin. If there is no essential oil in the product they can't call it natural. If you use natural essential oils you are less apt to be allergic to them. Many people are allergic to the synthetic fragrances in the over the counter skin care products. Buyer beware when it comes to the cosmetic industry.


Itchy dry skin can also be from not enough exfoliation. When you don't use a product for exfoliating, the dead skin cells will remain on your body and just flake away. I use essential oils again with ground oatmeal. Mix in a few drops of some of the oils mentions above and scrub on the body for a soothing exfoliant. Oatmeal is great for the skin as you know if you have ever taken an oatmeal bath after a sunburn. Soothing and calming is called for especially on burned skin. Lavender is a great oil for assistance with healing burns so try putting some lavender in your bath or scrub as well. When you skin is properly exfoliated, the new younger feeling smooth skin is exposed and you look great.


Don't forget about your feet. In the summer your feet are exposed all the time and in the winter they are covered up with socks and shoes. Put on a foot cream of a little heavier cream or lotion with some of the same oils listed above and put some socks on as you got to bed. You can even wrap your feet, elbows, knees or more (never the face) with plastic wrap and unwrap yourself in the morning. Your skin will feel baby soft.


After you come out of a bath, quickly apply the moisturizer you made before your skin starts to dry. You are locking in the moisture from the bath into the skin for an extra boost. Try taking cooler baths instead of one that is hot and steaming. Don't scratch your dry skin, just keep moisturizing. Add a humidifier to your home if you really experience dry air.


You don't have to suffer when it comes to dry skin. Use essential oils and have some fun concocting your own signature scent skin care products. You'll save money and smell great at the same time.

love them or are terrified

Le 5 juillet 2017, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0

Crazy contact lenses are contacts that have designs or unique colors imprinted in them to make the eye stand out or mimic other creatures. There are countless designs of crazy contacts including everything from sport teams' logos to eyes that appear engulfed in flames. One of the more popular designs is a cat eye with a black pupil Wedding gown rental.


Though crazy contacts are fun at parties and for special effects, they are still contact lenses and need to be cared for in the same manner as you would care for other styles of contacts. This means that they are cleansed regularly with the proper cleaning solution. They shouldn't ever be shared with others. They are not meant to be slept in. And because they should be fitted for the specific shape of your eye, crazy contacts should only be acquired via prescription from an eye care practitioner SmarTone broadband.


This doesn't mean that you have to wear glasses in order to wear crazy contacts. Like traditional colored contact lenses, crazy contacts can come in both novelty and visual correction prescription form. However, in the United States, the FDA requires that you possess a valid prescription in order to purchase contact lens of any style including crazy contacts.


Crazy contacts are extremely fun. If you are into theatrics, crazy contacts can add an intriguing effect and element of mystery to your project. If you are just looking for some fun, try walking around the mall with a pair of crazy contact lenses in and watch all of the heads turn. Keep in mind though that they are still regular contact lenses and require the same care as any other contact lens. As always, talk to your eye care practitioner today about ordering your new pair of crazy contacts dermes.

Harvard to hold graduation ceremony for black students only

Le 9 juin 2017, 08:54 dans Humeurs 0

Harvard University will hold a graduation ceremony exclusively for its black student population on 23 May.


More than 170 students and 530 guests have signed up to attend the Black Commencement event, the first university wide ceremony for black students.


The organisers say that the event is a celebration of "fellowship" rather than "segregation" and highlights the unique achievements of black students at an institution that has grappled with its historic ties to slavery reenex facial.


Michael Huggins, a student who will receive a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School in Massachusetts at the end of this month, told The Root that the ceremony is "an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and black brilliance."


He stressed that the event is not about segregation but about "building a community."


"This is a chance to reaffirm for each other that we enter the work world with a network of supporters standing with us. We are all partners," he said.


Huggins’s grandfather left Mississippi with his family in the 1950s to escape the oppressive Jim Crow laws which legalised segregation in his home state reenex hard sell.


"If he hadn’t made his decision to leave and find a better life for his family, I wouldn’t be here," Huggins said.


Courtney Woods, the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant who will graduate from Harvard’s School of Education, said that the ceremony recognises the contributions and sacrifices the families of black students have made to get them to Harvard.


"When we walk across that stage, all of our families will know that they’re walking with us. They all know the sacrifices that they’ve made," she said.


The ceremony will include speeches from students about their experiences at Harvard and musical performances. All graduates will receive a shawl made of kente cloth, a representation of their African heritage, which they will wear over their graduation robes job vacancies.


In 2015, only 5% of the 7,595 Harvard degrees went to black students. Jillian Simons, incoming chair of the Harvard Black Graduate Student Alliance, told The Boston Globe that the ceremony is a time to celebrate the success but also to reflect on the past.


"There is a very somber tone to it because of the things we’ve had to overcome," she said.


On 23 May, Harvard University will also hold its third annual graduation ceremony for students of Latin American descent.

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