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16 Signs You’re Not Loving Yourself Enough

Le 18 janvier 2017, 03:49 dans Humeurs 0

Life is too short for us to be always worried about what others think. If we don’t love ourselves enough, no one would. When you love yourself enough, it’ll be much easier for you to achieve other goals.


Here are 20 signs that will help you discover whether or not you are truly loving and appreciating who you are.


1. You’re not feeling free to be who you really are

You don’t believe that who you really are is good enough to show to other people. You put on a bit of an act in order to please others. You try to be who you think others want you to be.


2. You’re don’t feel free to express your ideas

Something is holding you back and is not letting you express your ideas as you wish. There is a voice telling you that your ideas are not good enough and that other people’s ideas are somehow of greater value. You need to learn that your ideas are equally valuable and that people would like to hear what you have to say.


3. You’re not spending enough quality time alone

When you are alone you do not enjoy your own company. The time you spend by yourself is not quality time. You feel uncomfortable. You need to learn how to enjoy and value your own company.


4. You’re not being honest with yourself about your values

You have a lot of values as a human being. You have many positive qualities that you need to learn to value properly. But many times you tell yourself maybe these are not that important to you, as you try to compromise or fit in.


5. You’re not being true to your inner nature

You do not have the confidence to see your inner nature as a thing of beauty to be taken care of. You need to learn that if you are true to your inner nature the essence of who you are will shine through and effect all those around you in an uplifting way.


6. You’re not spoiling yourself enough

You do not believe that you deserve to be spoilt. You treat others lavishly but when it comes to you and your needs you are frugal. You need to learn how to take yourself out to places you like and to do things that you genuinely enjoy.


7. You’re not pampering yourself enough

You are not taking yourself out for that special massage that you deserve. You believe it is better to spend the money on something practical for the house. It is better if you learn that, for example, getting your nails or hair done will do a lot more for you and your outlook then you may think.


8. You’re not giving yourself positive feedback

Even when you do something great or are highly successful in your work you do not complement yourself or give yourself a pat on the back. You skim over successful moments in your life and do not believe they deserve attention.


9. You’re not taking pride in your physical appearance

You are not taking pride in the way you look and allowing yourself to flaunt your looks around a bit. You are shying away and would rather people not look at you at all.


10. You’re not taking pride in your intellectual abilities

Although you are smart you do not believe this to be true. You always think that others know more than you do and don’t feel that you measure up intellectually.


11. You’re not appreciating all that you do

You do a lot for your family and friends. You help them in ways you don’t realize. You do not give yourself credit for the positive impact you have on others.


12. You’re not comfortable about letting others know your intellectual opinions

You have various views on intellectual issues and things you hear in the news. You would like to share your intellectual opinions but you don’t believe that you have enough knowledge to base your opinions on. You think that if you say what you think people will believe that your opinions are unfounded or childish.


13. You’re not happy with the image your present

You think that the way you present is not impressive and that people do not look at you with admiration. You would like to make good first impressions but you don’t feel that you do. All you need is a bit more confidence so that you can walk into a room with a presence.


14. You’re not able to confide in those that are closest to you

You feel embarrassed and slightly ashamed to tell your fears and insecurities to those closest to you. You fear that they may think that your feelings are not valid or worthy of discussion.


15. You’re not able to open up to those you love

You do not wish to share your inner secrets and thoughts with those you love. You keep personal things private in order to protect yourself. Once more you do not wish to ‘burden’ your loved ones with your problems or concerns.


16. You’re not able to have fun when you are by yourself

When you are by yourself all your fears and insecurities surface. You are not at peace with yourself and you seek out distraction.

Real Beauty Fitness

Le 13 décembre 2016, 05:10 dans Humeurs 0

Fitness and beauty can be one and the same. Being fit and healthy will automatically make you look better. A healthy inside creates a healthy outside QS University Rankings in Asia.


Fitness through exercise can help you to maintain a healthy body weight and improve muscle tone.


Our looks reflect the sum total of who we are and how we live, and the best we can do in life is to make the best of what nature has given is, without excuse, apology, or pretense. If we try to live otherwise, we find ourselves acting on a stage with other actors and actresses--great pretenders without real friends, without real lovers, without real relationships.


While we realize that there is such a thing as "natural beauty," which is beyond all standards of culture and history in some sense, there are also "relative" standards of beauty.


We all know about fads, styles, and adornments that are "in" one season and "out" the next. This includes cosmetics, hair styles, clothing, and even body weight and size.


These standards may vary from country to country, year to year, or even among different age groups in the same country and year.


For example, full figures are considered the ideal in some historical periods, but slender figures are valued now--at least in Western countries.


The point is that cultural standards change--and we may choose to follow or ignore them--because the cultivation of natural beauty is not dependent upon fads Top 10 restaurants in Hong Kong.


In order to get along harmoniously, whether at the level of dating, courtship, or marriage, men and women have to get past physical looks and into the more important qualities that make up human relationships, such as kindness, friendship, and areas of mutual interest.


There is such a thing as a beautiful personality. There can be beauty in the way a person thinks. An attitude or smile can be beautiful. Love is certainly beautiful, and all of life is beautiful when we are in love.


A person is truly beautiful when he or she is healthy. Any disease or illness affects all parts of the body, sometimes for many years before the symptoms are manifested. If the body and mind are not healthy, then a person cannot feel or be truly attractive.


Good health brings a glow to the skin, a ring to the voice, a twinkle to the eye, and a spring to the step that no beauty school can teach.


Learn more at Beauty Fitness.


Ruby Boyd is the owner of a Natural Health and Beauty website that offers information on how to achieve health and beauty fitness goals naturally Robolex.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo

Le 11 octobre 2016, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo


There are plenty of myths and theories about lathering up your locks—but now it's time to set the record straight. These ten little-known facts about shampooing will leave your hair bouncier and softer than ever before.


1. It's Important to Choose The Right Kind Of Shampoo

If you have fine hair, you'll benefit from a volumizing shampoo, whereas moisturizing shampoo is best for thicker hair Wedding gown rental.


2. Everyone Needs Clarifying Shampoo Every Once In A While

If your hair feels unusually dry, it's no longer responding to products, or you notice residue building up on your scalp, wash with clarifying shampoo to get rid of these pesky problems.


3. Blondes Should Clarify More Often

If you have blonde or chemically treated hair, you should use clarifying shampoo even more frequently. That's because chemical treatments make your hair more porous and more likely to absorb pollutants and product residue.


4. Shampoos Have a Two- to Three-Year Shelf Life

While your shampoo won't necessarily go "bad" after its expiration date, it won't work as well as a newer shampoo.


5. Massaging Shampoo Into Your Scalp Can Promote Healthy Hair

A good rub down can increase blood circulation in your scalp, which can help promote hair growth.


6. You Don't Need More Than a Quarter-Sized Squirt

Anything more will create extra foam, which can make it difficult for you to properly massage the shampoo into your scalp.


7. Water Temperature Matters

Washing your hair in scalding hot water will leave you with limp, lifeless hair. Try lathering up with warm water and rinsing with cool water 4g sim only deals. Cold water seals the hair's cuticle to lock in moisture and shine.


8. Price Doesn't Matter

Salon shampoos aren't always better than drugstore shampoos. So instead of looking at the price tag, focus on whether the shampoo formula works for you and your locks.


9. Dry Shampoo Works Best At Night 

If you can't be bothered to wash your hair and decide to turn to dry shampoo, try applying it the night before. This will give your hair enough time to absorb all of the powder, and you'll wake up with extra volume.


10. You Can Make Shampoo Yourself

Combine baking soda, vinegar, and water to create shampoo that will eliminate smells and build up—without any of the harsh chemicals found in many store-bought shampoos diploma program.

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